Online English Classes

Online English Classes! On the picture a young mother sits in front of a computer with a small toddler on her lap, ready to learn from the comfort of her home!

We offer online English classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced students of all ages!

online English classes

You can choose between our offer of private sessions, attend as a pair or you may join a group course*.

*21/04/02 There are no group courses open at this time. Contact us via our contact form or directly at for more information, or to express interest.

Check out our price list and find the best course for you!

How It Works

As stated in our Terms of Service, all lessons take place either on Skype or on Zoom, depending on the student’s preference. However, while we have the best experience with these two applications, we are flexible and if you prefer using WhatsApp or Discord, we’re happy to give it a try.

No Need to Buy Textbooks!

We will provide all your textbooks or study materials for free! These may very often be articles or videos from the web that we specifically tailor and edit to best suit each students interests and level of English.

We find that the best way to learn English is to connect it as much as possible with your hobbies and things and activities you find enjoyable. We try to help each student find the best ways to do that. Because it’s easier to learn when you’re having fun. 😉

Cramming Vocab Has Never Been More Fun!

We offer each of our students their own vocabulary course on Memrise. There we periodically upload all the new words learned in class and it is then up to the student to login and practice as often as they wish. Memrise requires you to remember and put in the correct meaning and spelling of words in both English and your mother tongue and it makes you switch rapidly between the two, thus creating the perfect environment for better and easier retention of new vocabulary.

Prepping for Exams

Whether you are preparing for a language exam at your school, or perhaps for one of the Cambridge Language Examinations such as KET, PET, FCE, CAE or CPE, we can help you get ready!

Start Learning English Today!

Read through our terms of service and book your first lesson free of charge! Or you can simply go and sign up!

online english classes