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Czech for foreigners online. There's a globe against a light brown background in the middle of the picture.

Czech for foreigners online

Despite what the creators of Duolingo might think, Czech is not a mythical language.

Screenshot of a facebook Duolingo post. It says: "Qapla! Don't wait for winter to come - Czech out our latest courses on mobile." below this is a picture with three flags, one is Czech, one is Klingon and one has a dragon on it. Title: Learn Czech, Klingon & High Valyrian on mobile!

If you’re interested in learning Czech, contact me for a free consultation!

There’s no need to purchase any textbooks; I will provide all the materials you need electronically.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, or have already begun to learn on Duolingo, or already know a bit want to get better, don’t hesitate and:

Learn Czech Online

All classes meet either on Skype, or Zoom, whichever is the student’s preference.

I like to prepare my lessons to be well-rounded: we will practice your reading comprehension, polish your listening skills and hone your conversational Czech to a fine, sharp point until the barman thinks you’re native when you order your beer when you’re next in Prague.

We can meet as often, or as seldom as you prefer, and for homework I’ll be sure to give you easy, fun tips and exercises to practice your Czech in your day-to-day.

Cramming Vocab Has Never Been More Fun!

We offer each of our students their own vocabulary course on Memrise.

There we periodically upload all the new words learned in class and it is then up to the student to login and practice as often as they wish.

Memrise requires you to remember and put in the correct meaning and spelling of words in both Czech and English and it makes you switch rapidly between the two, thus creating the perfect environment for better and easier retention of new vocabulary.

czech for foreigners online


The standard price for a Czech language lesson is 400 CZK or 15 EUR per 60-minute lesson. Pricing in different currencies would be the equivalent of that. See our price list and terms of service for more details.

czech for foreigners online