Dolphins: Some Interesting Facts – Reading | Pre-Intermediate

There are over forty different species of dolphins in the world. They are small to medium-sized mammals and prefer warmer, shallower waters.

They can hear without ears – they „listen“ with small holes behind their eyes. They can see extremely well both in and out of water. Everyone knows that dolphins are very intelligent creatures: navies all over the world have been training them to find underwater mines or rescue lost naval swimmers. There have even been cases when dolphins protected people from shark attacks.

What is less known, __________, is the fact that dolphins sometimes like to „get high“. That’s right! Scientists have observed groups of dolphins playing around with poisonous pufferfish. When pufferfish feel attacked, they release a hallucinogenic toxin that can kill in large doses, but in small doses it has a narcotic effect.

As you can see in the video, the dolphins pass around the pufferfish and then swim towards the surface where they stare at their own reflection.

A school of dolphins passes around a pufferfish to get high.
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Dolphins: Reading, Pre-Intermediate

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How many different species of dolphins are there in the world? (answer with a number)

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Dolphins are large mammals and prefer cold, deep waters.

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Dolphins have terrible eyesight.

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Which of these is mentioned in the text?

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What does the phrase "get high" mean in this text?

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There is a blank space in the text in: "What is less known, __________, is the fact that dolphins sometimes like to "get high"." Select the best word to fill the gap.

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