The Story of the Mirabal Sisters – Listening | Intermediate

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Who were Las Mariposas, and why were they murdered?

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Where did Rafael Trujillo rise to power?

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In what year did Trujillo organise his coup and rig the elections?

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Trujillo's family controlled 3/5 of the country's gross domestic product. What are the three monopolies mentioned in the video?

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Among the atrocities Trujillo committed, the video mentions his massacre of...

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The Mirabal sisters came from a very poor family.

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Which of the four sisters became involved in the dissent?

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What were the consequences of Minerva refusing the dictator's inappropriate advances?

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What was the name of the movement the sisters formed?

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What happened to Patria, Minerva and María Teresa on November 25th?

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The video says: "The international community condemned the assassination." Which of these words best describes the meaning of the word CONDEMN as used here?

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Based on the video, who killed Rafael Trujillo and ended his dictatorship?

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In 1999, the United Nations declared November 25th ...... in honour of the Mirabal sisters.

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